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At Kidz Therapy Zone, our goal is to help children grow and reach their fullest potential in a friendly, play-based environment. As a LAMP Certified Center of Excellence, we strive to improve communication and language skills to our nonverbal community.

From traditional physical, occupational, and speech therapy to social skills, feeding, and multi-sensory therapy, we provide a wide selection of therapy programs for children in Chambersburg, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Are you looking for a physical, speech, or occupational therapist? Not sure which services your child needs? Our highly trained, compassionate, and dynamic staff will coordinate and develop an individualized therapy program that will maximize your child’s functional independence and quality of life ‒ all while helping them have fun and create memories in the process!

Kidz Therapy Zone

Where Children Grow & Play To Their Full Potential

Serving Chambersburg, PA

Helping children grow and reach their fullest potential is our mission and greatest joy here at Kidz Therapy Zone. As a trusted outpatient pediatric therapy clinic in Chambersburg, PA, Kidz Therapy Zone welcomes infants, children, teenagers, and young adults ages 18-21 of varying needs, disabilities, and backgrounds.

In addition to providing occupational, speech, and physical therapy, we serve as a specialized feeding clinic. We provide Galileo®Therapy and sensory treatment in our state-of-the-art Snoezelen room. We are also a prominent Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) center of excellence and are committed to helping families secure communication devices for their children in need.

Girls playing at Kidz Therapy Zone

Why Families Love Kidz Therapy Zone

“Such an amazing center and very supportive of their kids and families! Everyone is so professional and dedicated to the holistic wellbeing of the child.”

‒ Rachel L.

“Nice facility, great staff. Best in the business. The staff is patient with my child and always communicates with me about the session. Couldn’t ask for a more helpful provider.”
‒ Coreene M.

“The atmosphere here is not of a doctor’s office ‒ it is more of a family. The staff is great with the kids and families, having a different bond with everyone. You can see the real care and concern they have for everyone… Keep up the great work Kidz Therapy Zone. You are a blessing to the community!”

‒ Samantha K.

“The Galileo has given Brechyn and our family the opportunity to see and do something we were told would never happen – to walk. Before the first day using the Galileo, Brechyn was only able to stand a few seconds independently. The very first day using the machine, she walked seven steps and doubled the count on a weekly basis. Today, five months after beginning the Galileo workouts, she now walks in increments so high we’re unable to keep track. The Galileo and the staff at Kidz Therapy Zone changed not only her life, but her family’s, as well.” 

‒ B. Egolf

“Staff works great with my child even on his more difficult days. They are supportive and amazing! Really a great place and could see some results of the therapy the first two sessions.”

‒ Sandra S.

“This place has changed our lives significantly!! Before coming here, we were told our child will never be a good communicator. Thanks to Miss Kristen, he now communicates and smiles more than we could have ever imagined. She is extremely knowledgeable and able to find the strengths in a child despite their limitations or diagnosis and use those strengths to the child’s benefit!”

‒ Leslie

“Miss Kim is so sweet. Every staff member is very friendly. I highly recommend them.”

‒ Rebecca B.

“Kidz Therapy Zone has definitely changed my daughter’s life. She has gone from a clingy child from when we first walked into the door to telling me to leave the room when her time is up. She has made tremendous improvement and loves all of her therapists. Her speech and hand coordination has greatly improved and her ability to do more things for herself. I truly cannot recommend this place enough. They truly care.”

‒ Lori K.

Adventure Zone ‒ A Family’s Resource

A lot of families feel overwhelmed when their child receives a new diagnosis. They do not know where to turn or what to expect. Children can also feel intimidated and frightened when beginning therapy.

Kidz Therapy Zone believes we need to be a resource to the family. Our owner, Allison Klimowicz, along with co-author and illustrator, Veronica Stanley-Hooper, wrote the book Adventure Zone to help children and families understand what to expect when starting therapy.

Adventure Zone serves as a colorful, fun, and informative resource for children and families ‒ and we hope you will enjoy adding it to your family’s book collection. You can download the book or purchase it on Amazon. We also sell the book in our office.

Adventure Zone book by Allison Klimowicz

Treating the Whole Child

To help your child begin their journey into therapy, and to help you understand what we do and the services we offer, we’ve provided the following informational PDF book for families to review.

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