• Children of ANY age are referred to Kidz Therapy Zone a couple different ways. Normally when a referral is made it is because there is concern with gross motor, fine motor, sensory, picky eating, speech and language skills, or physical therapy concerns. 
    • Self-Referral – When someone other than a doctor refers a patient to Kidz Therapy Zone 
    • Doctor Referral – The child’s primary doctor will sometimes note concerns, usually at the time of a well child check, and refer to different therapy interventions 
    • Specialist Referral – Some specialists will also refer for therapy services. 
    • Case Manager Referral – If your child has a case manager of some kind, they can also make suggestions of other therapy services that a child may benefit from. 
  • The child is evaluated by the Therapist who is trained and specializes in the area of concern (Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist or Speech Language Pathologist) using a functional evaluation, therapist observation, and family and doctor report.  The family is involved in setting goals in the best interest of the child.
  • After therapy is recommended, the Therapist shares the strengths and goal areas for the child with the parent and determines with the parent priorities for functional goals.
  • Direct, one-on-one therapy or group therapy is provided by the Therapist in the outpatient center. The parents can be present or wait in the waiting room. Sometimes a home exercise program is established for optimal carry-over at home. Visits are scheduled based on the needs of the child, typically one time per week and up to five times per week if necessary. 
  • After each session the therapist will talk to the parent or caregiver about the session and also give tips and tricks to use at home as well.


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