The installation of the communication board at Antrim Township Park represents a significant step towards promoting inclusivity and accessibility for individuals who face challenges in verbal communication. This project has been made possible through dedication and hard work of our team.

The communication board will serve as a valuable tool, enabling non-verbal individuals to express their thoughts, needs, and desires effectively while engaging with the park’s facilities and activities. It will empower them to participate more actively in recreational experiences, interact with others, and enjoy the park to its fullest potential.

This installation is a testament to our company’s values and our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals within our community. It serves as a reminder of the meaningful work we do and the positive change we can create when we come together as a team.

I encourage all of you to visit Antrim Township Park in the coming days to witness firsthand the difference our communication board will make in the lives of non-verbal individuals. Let us take pride in this accomplishment and celebrate the positive change we are fostering.