What is not to love about Halloween? Being dressed up, makeup, candy, etc.! Kiddos love halloween but lets face it, it is not the most sensory friendly holiday. If your kiddo has sensory issues Halloween can be a literal nightmare. From the viewpoint of a child with sensory issues halloween is filled with itchy costumes, bright flashing lights, loud noises, and the occasional unexpected scare. All of that can be very overwhelming. Here are some tips to practicing a sensory friendly halloween. Here are a few things that can make Halloween a little more enjoyable,

  • Take your child with you to pick out a costume. Let them feel the fabric and wear comfortable clothing under their costume.
  • Allow your child to wear earphones to help block out loud noises. You can also stick to quiet streets to help avoid crowds and loud noises.
  • Read halloween social stories to help prepare your child so they know what to expect.
  • Find sensory friendly trick or treat activities in the community like Kidz Therapy Zone’s Trick or Treat Event!