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Why Outpatient Therapy?

There are a lot of myths surrounding outpatient therapy. Kidz Therapy Zone wants to try to put some of those common myths to rest. If you have further comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
"My child already gets therapy at preschool or school, so my child doesnt need outpatient OT or ST too." FALSE

"My child won't benefit from both outpatient and school therapy." FALSE

"My child doesn't qualify for OT or Speech at school, so my child won't qualify for, need, or benefit from outpatient therapy either." FALSE

"My child had early intervention OT and/or ST. At transition, he/she no longer qualified so my child no longer needs therapy." FALSE

"Outpatient OT and ST is the same thing as OT and ST therapy at school." FALSE
Outpatient Therapy

* Evaluations, Interventions and Goals are unrestrictive and focus on ALL areas of need and function. 

* Addresses how children function in ALL areas and settings relevant to the child's life - home, school and the community. 

* Considers medical diagnosis and barriers to independence. 

* Focused on improving skills and functions in order to maximize independence in all areas of life. 

* Even if the child does not qualify in the school therapy setting the child may still qualify and benefit from outpatient therapy services. 

*May receive outpatient services AND school services simultaneously. 

* Kidz Therapy Zone will increase family involvement and education at each session. 
School Therapy

* Interventions and goals are only focused on areas related to the childs educational participation and ability to access his or her educational cirriculum. 

* Only considers how the child functions in the school setting.

* Does not typically address underlying medical issues. 

* Adapt and compensate to increase participation in the educational setting.

* Diagnosis/Disability MUST impact success within the general education curriculum in order for the student to be eligible.